Ayurvedic beauty tips to make you look and feel great !

Ayurveda’s basic mantra is ‘beauty comes within’. Ayurveda, the science that evolved in India around 5,000 years ago, is known for praising the benefits of balancing our body, supporting our digestive health, optimizing our energy and medically treating each person according to his/her specific ‘dosha’ or constitution and just finding a right skin care product is not enough. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore caring the skin and hair.In Fact, Ayurveda has got more beauty practices and procedures than any of the modern techniques and they all boost our overall wellness than just give our skin a glow!

1. Identify your ‘dosha’

The three basic doshas according to Ayurveda are ‘Vata‘, ‘Pitta‘ & ‘Kapha‘.

Your dosha or Ayurvedic constitution also points to your skin type, says our Ayurvedic experts.


  • Vata – The skin is dry, thin, delicate with fine pores and wrinkle-prone.
  • Pitta – The skin is susceptible to rashes and breakouts.
  • Kapha – The skin is oilier, thicker with enlarged pores, blackheads and pimples

2. Skin care according to the season

Our Ayurveda experts says, “though dosha-based skin care routine has its place, the season based approach towards skin care is more important. Someone will have to balance Pitta dosha during the heat of summer, even if he has Vata dosha.” Our climate is a significant source of energy for our body and skin. According to Ayurveda, all approaches to summer beauty are all about bringing in the opposite qualities of Pitta dosha or balancing Pitta dosha.

3. Use natural oils as moisturizers

Our beauty experts says always use coconut oil or any natural oils to moisturize your skin instead of sticking on to facial masks. You can use organic castor oil based mask to treat dry and irritated skins. And if you suffer from oily skin, you can absorb excess oil using chickpea flour based mask.

4. Exfoliate your skin

You can use Sugar to exfoliate your skin. Sugar helps to retain moisture and boosts cell turnover. Also it is considered to have a cooling effect, which makes it the best for summer season. Our experts recommends mixing sugar with cooling, rejuvenating herbs such as rose petals or bhringraj, for using it as a facial scrub.

5. ‘Treat’ your skin with raw milk.

“Masks based on full fat milk or cream are the best for cooling and soothing irritated or inflamed skin”, says our beauty experts. Wipe your face thoroughly with a cotton ball dipped in raw milk, once a day, to remove dirt from your skin pores. The lactic acid and fats contained in raw milk gives it tremendous moisturizing and softening properties.To soothe and nourish the skin, you can also add milk or cream to your bath. You can also use coconut milk as a vegan option.

6. Rose water as skin toner

Rose water sprays are natural and can be used several times in a day. It also smells good and feels great on your skin. Rose water is cooling and gives soft, supple skin


7. Skin treatment with Neem Oil

Use cotton balls dipped in Neem Oil to apply on pimples or other minor spots of inflammation and leave it overnight to do its magic. It’s drying and cooling properties makes it better suited for the summer.


8. Use Aloe Vera to your regimen

Our experts says, Aloe Vera is not just for sunburns. Applying it regularly on the skin makes the skin smooth, supple and look younger. It can be used like a toner or consumed sipping it in juice, regularly.

9. Oil pulling for oral hygiene

Use coconut or sesame oil for swishing instead of chemical or alcohol based mouthwash. Apart from oral hygiene, the idea is that a ‘healthy mouth boosts your overall wellness’ and it aids in overall detoxification. And always keep in mind that ‘healthy gums are related to healthy heart’.

10. Coconut Oil for lustrous hair

Massaging coconut oil to your hair and scalp provides strengthening nourishment to the hair, apart from making hair shiny. Find time for massaging your hair, at least twice a week, to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, which boosts hair growth. You can also add essential oils of lavender or rosemary to coconut oil to get a spa like experience.

11. Learn the art of self oil massage

Our experts say regular oil massages boosts radiance as well as helps in managing stress. A warm oil massage deeply moisturizes your skin and will make you look and feel more radiant, afterwards. At home try using an Ayurvedic oil and work from your face down to your toes.

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  1. Good piece of information and the tips are really good and effective.Tried the last 2 points and got good result.

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