Skin Care Tips For Monsoon

Cleansing : It is important to add cleansing to your daily routine for keeping your skin healthy and clear. Make sure you you a good quality skin cleanser, before sleeping, to get rid of dirt.


Toning : To keep your skin healthy and happy, another important step is toning. Apart from reviving your skin and giving it the much needed radiance, toning restores the pH balance of your skin.


Moisturizing : It is very important to keep your skin moisturized during monsoon. To make your skin supple and free from flake, make sure you use a good moisturizer regularly.


Sunscreen : Another essential thing in monsoon is applying sunscreen even during monsoon season. You need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, even if it is cloudy outside.


Exfoliation : Make sure you exfoliate your skin, to keep your skin fresh and glowing during monsoon. To get rid of those dead skin cells, use a good scrub.


Wash Your Face : Another important thing that you must do is wash your face at least two times a day. Try to use face washes that are non soapy.


Drink Water : You must make sure that you drink enough water, even during monsoon. Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day helps in keeping your skin hydrated.


Eat fruits and vegetables : To maintain the glow of your skin, make sure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables. There are various vegetables as well as fruits that available only during monsoon.


Use less makeup : It is important to give your skin some time to breathe and stay far away from infections. Make sure that you use very little makeup during monsoon season.


Home made face packs : Another great way for healthy and soft skin is home made face packs. Apply them twice a week to make way for supple and soft skin.

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