Tips to get a flawless complexion

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Let us walkthrough some useful skincare tricks to get a clear complexion and to keep your pores almost invisible.

Stick on to these easy rules to get the flawless face you always craved for.

Always Keep Your Skin Clean

Make it a point to never ever go to bed without removing the makeup from your face, as it could get pushed deep into the pores of your skin when you toss and turn while you are asleep. Also when washing your makeup off, spend a minimum of 30 to 40 seconds massaging with a good quality skin cleanser. You should choose your face wash cleverly based on your skin type, like for dry skins milky creams are most suited and for a skin that is normal or has tendency for acne prone problems use a foam or gel based face wash.

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Take steps to prevent black heads

A proper and efficient exfoliating regime may be the best solution that you are looking for to fight against black heads. For an effective exfoliating routine you must choose a good quality face scrub based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, use a face scrub with chemical exfoliator as part of your face care routine and use it at least three times a week. But a gentle, nonabrasive cream based exfoliator needs to be used if your skin is dry and use it only two times a week.

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Remove impurities from your skin

As the clogged pores tend to expand more making the opening wider, removing impurities from your skin is important. Apply a good quality clay based face mask to your forehead, nose and chin, known as ‘T-Zone’ and it needs to be done at least two times a week to get reduce the debris that causes blemishes. The advantage of clay based mask is that clay acts like a vacuum and it tends to pull our oil and dirt to the surface of the skin. Skin experts never recommends picking, but use an extraction, if you are going to do it. The oval shape creates an even pressure on the surface that forces debris up and out.

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Get rid of excess shine

Excess oil on your skin reflects light and invites more attention to a pore’s size. Instead of applying a compact powder again and again through out the day, you can soak up the excess sebum using a mattifying cream or paper blotting sheets. Reapplying compact powder creates layers of makeup and will lead to
congestion and breakouts.

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Choose oil free products

You should avoid moisturizers and cleanser with any type of oil in it especially petroleum or mineral oil, if you have large pores, as it could create a clogging film. Also avoid waterproof and stay-put makeup as well since these formulas tend to be oil based and aren’t easily washed off with a regular cleanser

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